Dissecting An Old Friend

Core 2 Duo ScreenAbout a year ago, a permanent fatal error befell my trusty Macbook Core 2 Duo. It all happened so fast. He was taken from me too soon. I chose not to dwell on his death, but celebrate his life and, in doing so, reflect on how I may better my own. I thought to myself “what would my inanimate, disc-chewing, tupperware-mimicking, calcula-box do if I suddenly crapped out?” Duh. He’d gut me and absorb what analytical knowledge he could pry from my cold, dead corpse.

So, I decided to rip him apart. I mean, he was just sitting there yellowing on a shelf, anyway.

Using the handy-dandy iFixit dissection kit, I went at it, tearing apart my old companion bit by plasticy bit. I amazed by how thin the screen components are, even though he was an older model. The wifi antennas and iSight were all crammed towards the top of the monitor with data cables running down the bezel to the lifeless motherboard. I was surprised by the unexpectedly large inverter located in the “hinge” of the laptop. I guess some things just don’t shrink with Moore’s Law.

I think I may harvest his organs..ahem, screen since it was in working order at the time of passing. Finding the right IO for the display data cable and inverter may be a bit of an issue. I’ll try to Frankenstein something through a USB 3.0 port, but I’m open to suggestions! Bonus points to anyone who can recommend how to get the iSight camera and mic hooked up through the same USB plug.

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