P2P Gifting – A top Send Money use case

P2P Gifting designs

Historically, we’ve optimized the PayPal Send Money flow for speed of completion and experience simplicity. It’s an efficient flow that handles oodles of edge cases, compliance considerations, and radical business goals in one tight, scalable package. However, we’ve done a poor job of capturing customer intent, or the emotion behind why you’re sending that $100 to your […]

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Audible P2P for the Connected Home & Digital Personal Assistants

Audible P2P

Industry standards for the connected home are solidifying, but mainstream adoption will be segmented down OS lines. The obvious, dominant players are iOS (Homekit), Android (Brillo + Nest line of products), and Amazon (open source Echo? Please?). PayPal is uniquely positioned as an OS-agnostic platform that allows you to send money to just about anyone, so I built a righteous hackathon project with Mark […]

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