Robinhood App Social Trading Concepts

Robinhood investment app concept

I was inspired by the simplicity and mobile-first interface of Robinhood, a stock trading app with no commissions. Here’s what came out of a Sunday at Starbucks! Friend Feed  User Profile  Public Post Industry News Closing Thoughts In addition to these concepts, an opt-in leaderboard that tracks public trades could be a powerful tool for spurring […]

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Asking for Help – 3rd Party Code Audit

It’s hard asking someone to rip appart your baby, but in order to improve, 3rd party code audits can bring a new, fresh perspective to technical issues.  We’ve been working on CloudChow for a while now. -At least long enough to become accustomed to doing things in a certain way. But, as they say, comfort […]

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Seamless And GrubHub… SeamHub? Grubless?


Today’s news about the Seamless and GrubHub merger has my panties in a bunch. Every day more startups pile into the mobile-food-ordering niche and every-other day they seem to consolidate (FoodPanda and SG Dine, anyone?). On top of this there are companies like Square, GoPago, PayPal, etc all currently vying for the card-in-hand market, but […]

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