Killing friction in P2P’s onboarding flow

Launched a new flow on Tuesday that takes our unilateral onboarding flow from >15 steps (more like 17/18) down to 4 or 5. It’s a huge step forward in user experience, removes a boatload of friction, and should lead to a nice spike in onboarding conversion. Stoked to launch it alongside the new PayPal app as a 1-2 punch for P2P-based net new actives.

The use case:
A new customer has to signup to claim money that an existing customer sent to their mobile number via P2P on web or mobile.

The backstory and status:
We modeled the flow after our highly successful email unilateral claim flow I launched last year, which resulted in a signup conversion increase of 1500 bps and a US claim rate increase of 58 bps. It is the closest analog we have to this new flow, so I expect to see a nice conversion spike here, as well.
As of Tuesday 2/23/2016 at 1PM PST, we’re 100% live in the US, UK, FR, IT, ES, and 20% in AU and CA. This simplified experience will go a long way in supporting the increase in unilateral mobile transactions generated by the new mobile app. It was a great team effort and I need to call out Hayden Padgett from the Tesla product team, as well as Anshuman Agnihotri, Arnab Banik and Ruchi Kunwar as our go-to engineers on this project.

The big improvements our new customers will experience:
• Cuts mobile signup from >15 steps down to 4 or 5.
• Auto-confirms the recipient’s phone number at the end of the flow, removes the need for a separate confirmation flow, and results in immediate deposit of funds into the new account.
• Provides a claim-money-contextual UI optimized for mobile experiences and ease-of-use.
• It’s so simple, I can’t think of any more bullet points to write about it.

Below screenshots feature an after/before breakdown and demonstrate the leap forward in customer experience.
P2P mobile onboarding

The Followups:
As always, we’ll continuously track and optimize the flow, but we already have improvements planned:
• More prominently feature the “Login” button for existing customers w/o confirmed mobile numbers
• Auto-confirmation of mobile number at “Login” step
• Mobile-specific CTA on Success page (ex: “download the PayPal app”)
• Improved messaging for Risk declines and pending transactions
• Rollout in additional P2P receive-to-mobile countries

Long story short, feel free to send tons of money to non-PayPal customers, because it’s now super easy for them to setup and account to claim the money. 🙂

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