Venus Flytrap Page Design

Mesa Exotics - Venus FlytrapVenus Flytrap informational & ecommerce page design





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Mesa Exotics Logo Design

Mesa Exotics Logo

Flat logo design for the carnivorous plant nursery

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Mesa Exotics Homepage Design

Mesa Exotics Homepage DesignHomepage design I put together for an old friend


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Seamless And GrubHub… SeamHub? Grubless?

GrubLessToday’s news about the Seamless and GrubHub merger has my panties in a bunch. Every day more startups pile into the mobile-food-ordering niche and every-other day they seem to consolidate (FoodPanda and SG Dine, anyone?). On top of this there are companies like Square, GoPago, PayPal, etc all currently vying for the card-in-hand market, but sheepishly eyeing the on-the-go orderer (I’m lookin’ at you, Square Wallet).

CloudChow’s lunch table is getting full of bullies with $100M+ in yearly revenue, which seems scary. Yet I can’t help but feel like this is a good thing for smaller innovators. We’re young, we’re nimble, we can innovate on business models that the other guys are married to. We are also attractive to early stage investors due to our scalability in a validated but young market. Things are just starting to heat up.

Maybe I’ve had too much of my own Kool-Aid, but I’m optimistic about our potential to carve out an attractive chunk of the market.

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Patience of a Saint, Strength of an Ox, As Delicate as a Feather

Such a glorious display of performance art and sculpture work, I had to share.

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