Versioning Designs for a Jewelry Site




I played around with a few different designs on this conversion optimization project.

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WIP Selfie

WIP David Fefferman self portrait

My head is exploding with ideas, passions, and dreams. Untempered by the physical constraints of my reality, they manifest into their purest, most exciting forms. It is my duty to see them through to fruition as untethered and unspoiled by the impedances of “life” as is possible.

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Asking for Help – 3rd Party Code Audit

It’s hard asking someone to rip appart your baby, but in order to improve, 3rd party code audits can bring a new, fresh perspective to technical issues.

Lateral Thinking

 We’ve been working on CloudChow for a while now. -At least long enough to become accustomed to doing things in a certain way. But, as they say, comfort is the enemy of growth! Recognizing this, we have reached out to a 3rd party consulting firm to audit our code and give us unbiased 3rd party pointers and feedback that we, in our relentless drive to build the slickest app, may have overlooked.

I’m really excited to see the feedback we get because I know there are a few areas where we can make material improvements – which means a better end user experience and happier restaurants. On top of the tangible improvements to the app, 3rd party feedback will hopefully push the team outside of our comfort zone and force some lateral thinking.

Nick Couraud and I are working directly with the audit team to identify the improvable areas in the mobile application. Here’s hoping they can chew our code up and spit out some awesome ideas that code blindness may have dulled us to.

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Giving Back

David Fefferman and Donnie Elkins

Unconditional kindness – be it a display of words, gifts, whatever – is so rare. In a world of, “I did ‘x’ for you, so could you possibly do ‘y’ for me?” favors with no strings attached almost make me skeptical of a person’s true intentions. -I mean, nothing in this world is free, right?

But there are those rare instances when you meet someone so kind, generous and selfless, that you are inspired to reflect upon yourself and your own behavior. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing a handfull of these people throughout my life, and while their actions have been selfless and lacking expectations of personal gain, I feel like they deserve acknowledgement, reinforcement, and repayment. – Not the “I feel guilty because you did this for me, so I’m doing something to make myself feel better” type of repayment, but the “you’ve inspired me, and I’m so grateful to have learned from you that I want you to know” type of repayment.

So, I’m starting with Don Elkins of Mesa Exotics.

Donnie is an old friend who has a bitchin’ Carnivorous Plant Nursery! He used to gift me freakin’ spectacular carnivorous plants and feed my curiosity as a child.  His generosity, passion, and knowledge of the hobby has always inspired me.

His current website stinks. Bad. I figured this would be a great place for me to start saying “thank you, so I put together a few mockups, and just recently sent them to my friend (who I haven’t spoken with in quite some time). He deserves to have a nice site for his nursery, so I’m hoping he likes what I sent over and I can pull it all together for him!

If you have any stories about selflessness or any input on these carnivorous plant designs, please leave a comment below.

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ChubbyBubbys Logo Design

ChubbyBubbys Logo design ChubbyBubbys Logo design V3

WIP for


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