Asking for Help – 3rd Party Code Audit

It’s hard asking someone to rip appart your baby, but in order to improve, 3rd party code audits can bring a new, fresh perspective to technical issues.

Lateral Thinking

¬†We’ve been working on CloudChow for a while now. -At least long enough to become accustomed to doing things in a certain way. But, as they say, comfort is the enemy of growth! Recognizing this, we have reached out to a 3rd party consulting firm to audit our code and give us unbiased 3rd party pointers and feedback that we, in our relentless drive to build the slickest app, may have overlooked.

I’m really excited to see the feedback we get because I know there are a few areas where we can make material improvements – which means a better end user experience and happier restaurants. On top of the tangible improvements to the app, 3rd party feedback will hopefully push the team outside of our comfort zone and force some lateral thinking.

Nick Couraud and I are working directly with the audit team to identify the improvable areas in the mobile application. Here’s hoping they can chew our code up and spit out some awesome ideas that code blindness may have dulled us to.

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