4th Annual SpoOktober™

Dearest boils and ghouls,

We’re quickly approaching All Hallows’ Eve, a time when specters materialize, werewolves prey on the flesh, vampires sip crimson spirits, and David organizes only the best October activities for all! I will be personally attending all ghoulish events, and hope that you can make it to a few for a creepy awesome time. Plan to raise the dead at our Halloween party on Saturday, Oct 29th, even if you’re too terrified to attend the haunts, below.

Let me know SOON what haunts you will attend so I can organize carpooling details! Absolute coolest haunts highlighted in blood red.

Weekend #1
• Sat, Oct 1:  Fear Overload, Scream Park (7PM, San Leandro) $25 (starting October off with a bang! This haunt has 2 mazes and live entertainment)

Weekend #2
• David & Shasha’s 1 year anniversary weekend. (David sharing October with any event other than a Halloween-related one = true love)

Weekend #3
• Fri, Oct 14: California’s Great America Halloween Haunt (7PM, Santa Clara) $32 (8 mazes + rides. How can you beat a Haunt + rollercoaster combo?!)
• Sat, Oct 15: Spooky Movie at the West Wind Capitol Drive-In (timing and movie TBD) $8 (can’t beat the price, and this covers a double-feature!)

Weekend #4 (Southern California)
Thu, Oct 20: Dark Harbor (7PM, Long Beach) $20 (Classic Queen Mary haunt that makes great use of the ship and surrounding area. They have food, adult beverages, and music making it a great spot to hang out even after walking through their 6 mazes. Arrive early for small lines and the discounted ticket price!)
• Fri, Oct 21: Delusion (12:15AM, Los Angeles) $75 (sold out, but this is my all-time favorite haunt, so try to find tickets! It’s essentially an interactive play with movie-quality special effects. They used to change locations every year, but this year they have a permanent home, so I expect it to be even more robust!)
Sat, Oct 22Regin of Terror (7PM, Thousand Oaks) $19 (This haunt from my hometown punches waaay above its weight class, with 95 rooms, and 21,000+ sq ft of haunt! The attention to detail in this haunt is greater than any big-budget amusement park you’ll go to.)
Sat, Oct 22: The 17th Door (10:30PM, Tustin) $27 (a newer attraction, this is my 2nd favorite haunt due to the unique story telling and immersive, waiver-requiring, experience) 
• Sun, Oct 23: Los Angeles Haunted Hayride (7PM, Los Angeles) $44 (great for those who scare easily, this haunt is a 2.5 on the 1-10 “Scare-O-Meter.” This price includes multiple haunt attractions at the same location.)
• Bonus: Tension (Location is a mystery, but probably around LA.) $125 (Sounds super creepy, but still debating this one. If anyone would like to attend, let’s figure out a time and I will go with you)

Weekend #5
Fri, Oct 28th: Pirates of Emerson (8PM, Emerson) $30 (A Bay Area classic setup in the style of a mini-carnival, this haunt has 5 mazes + fun side-show attractions and food.)
Sat, Oct 29th: Party at the Feff’s! + Dead Time Dreams $20 (party starts at 7PM) More SpOoOoKy details to follow!

Here’s a look back at last year’s fiendishly fun 3rd SpoOktob™:

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Happy Haunting!

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